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A Series on Breath: Part One

Ok, so if you're not onto it, here are some tidbits about breathing!

All of us that are alive breathe -- we agree there.  However, some of us have good breathing habits and some of us have, let's say, not as good breathing habits.  It's like our diets -- maybe you always eat healthy, maybe you always eat junk food, or, maybe, you're somewhere in between.  Now, we're not going to get into diet here but, like diets, our breathing habits, style, and patterns are formed by a variety of factors in our lives and, like our diets, we can intervene and achieve benefits from becoming more aware of our breath and its affects on our bodies.  

We're talking about breath because tension can be a big factor in breathing patterns.  Such tension, like many other tensions, can be relieved, thereby, assisting the body in healing itself.  As you are probably aware, your breathing affects your energy, your sleep, your level of anxiety, your mood, and the list goes on.  

In this three (maybe four) part series, we are going to be providing you with some tidbits of information regarding breath.  The quoted material is from The Science of Breath: A Practical Guide, 1979.  Here are our first two quotations:

"The breath is perhaps the only physiological process [blinking your eyes is another one] that can be either voluntary or involuntary.  [You] can breathe, making your breath do whatever you wish, or you can ignore it and after awhile the body simply begins to breathe on its own."

"The breath is a bridge, or link, between the body and the mind."

Think about it and we will be back with Part Two soon!


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