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About Sollievo

Sollievo, which means “relief” in Italian, was created to offer healing and comfort


Sollievo Massage & Bodywork opened in June 2007, by co-owners Laura Barricelli, LMT and Rose Centola, LMT.

Sollievo, which means “relief” in Italian, was created to be healing and comfortable for both clients and therapists alike. We wanted healing to be delivered from all levels – the environment, the therapists, the owners – the whole experience needed to be enveloping. The feel of Sollievo is earthy, grounded and solid – creating an immediate sense of safety and calm.

Each of the treatment rooms is spacious and unencumbered by “things,” making it a serene place to receive excellent body care.

The reception area is much like a living room – where it isn’t unusual to see a client or two, sitting on the sofa or in the rocker, sipping tea and chatting in front of the fireplace.

Welcome to the “Cheers” of Massage Therapy

We’re an independent small business and love being a part of the local community. 

We want Sollievo to be a place where you feel comfortable, “where everybody knows your name," as Sam Malone did at "Cheers.”

What separates us from other places is that:

  • We charge by TIME vs. TYPE of work – we believe in giving the client a treatment that is integrative, using whatever modalities needed in their treatment without charging them extra for it.  We feel charging by time is a more honest approach.
  • We are a collaborative. We often refer to other therapists within Sollievo (who might specialize in another form of bodywork), if we feel it is beneficial to the client. Truly, our goal is to partner with our clients and with each other, in a collaborative manner, creating a greater possibility for improved health and positive change.
  • The focus is on you, your relief and your experience.

From Massage Therapy Practice to Wellness Center

We began as a Massage Therapy Practice. Today, we have grown into a Wellness Center offering:

  • massage
  • bodywork
  • acupuncture
  • and hypnosis

Please check our services page for further information.

Meet the founders of Sollievo: