We bring “relief, ease and rest” to our community


Mission Statement

Sollievo is the English translation of the Italian word relief. Sollievo’s mission is to bring “relief, ease and rest” to our community.

Vision Statement

With each step into our near and ongoing future we are:

  • Continuously building a network of collaborating body workers
  • Clearly hearing and contributing to our client’s health objectives
  • Consistently being an integral part of our community’s healthcare

What We Do and With Whom

  • Bodywork - We provide a unique approach, which is tailored, integrated, therapeutic and team enhanced.
  • Education - We educate our clients in healing methods of bodywork and self­ care to cultivate a joint investment in their personal health.
  • Collaboration - We partner with our clients, our team and our colleagues by listening, sharing what we know and triaging to deliver a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan.