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Our Clients

"I walked out of here feeling like Gumby, my friends - no small feat considering all the tension I'd built up in my back over a spring time of stress at work. Upon arriving, I filled out a quick waiver and intake form, noting what kind of massage I'd like (athletic! with PRESSURE.) and pinpointing on a diagram my most-needy body parts."

"I live close by, but would definitely commute to get here- it's so worth it. Whether to recover from a sore back, or to de-stress or pamper- GO! You won't regret it."

"I cant't say enough good things about the massages and the treatment I have gotten here...The atmosphere is soothing and calming as soon as you walk in the door, the staff are friendly and helpful, incredibly knowledgeable and great listeners"

"I have been having chronic hamstring pain on my left leg after workouts and she worked on my lower back, glutes, hamstring, and calves. The day after I was able to sit for more than 30 minutes and get up without pain and it was awesome!"

"Absolutely the most professional and knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever experienced. I have very tight muscles and tendons and [they] knew exactly how to relax them. The place was spotless and beautiful with natural materials all over. The perfect unwind."

"I always thought a massage was a luxury. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Check out the appointment schedules of fortune 500 CEO's and top management - exercise and massage therapy is always scheduled."

"An extremely professional staff of massage therapists who totally understand their profession and the critical part they play in making us 'whole'."

"In my opinion, its the best place to get a massage in the Cambridge-Somerville area. Highly recommended."

"...tried acupuncture for the first time at Sollievo [she] is absolutely wonderful. She's informative, answers all your questions and you can tell she really cares and wants to create a treatment that is right for you."

"Sollievo is the only place I'll go now for acupuncture and massage. I've been there quite a bit this past year and the service and bodywork experience is excellent with every visit."

"From the beautiful decor, to the highly skilled and professional massage therapists, to the soothing atmosphere, this place is top notch! I would recommend it to anyone looking for quality massage and bodywork. Sollievo will make you feel at home."

"... highly skilled and sensitive hands not only found all of my sore spots, they also found the muscles responsible for the pain which were not always anywhere near the sore spots."

"... knowledge of anatomy and her uncanny ability to zero in were unbelievable. I left there in a new body."

"The Sollievo experience is NOT a treat but a necessity!"

"Going to Sollievo for massage therapy saved me during a period of intense stress in my life."

"Going in to give myself a gift of an hour and fifteen minutes of peace provided a true sanctuary for me. Now I go to help maintain the progress I made, and as one of the ways I try to achieve balance in my life."

"Sollievo is in an ideal location, and has a wonderful atmosphere, decor, and most importantly, incredibly talented, professional, and caring staff."

"I highly recommend Sollievo for total relaxation and well being . The staff are very professional and attentive to your needs and focus on what is right for you."

"My regular visits on weekends give me much-needed relief from the accumulated stresses and muscle kinks and pains of the work week."

"You'd never know that the bustle and noise of Mass. Ave. is right outside. It's well worth my travel from Boston to Cambridge."

"I've never been treated so well or in such a restful, pleasant setting."

"The therapists there take the time to get a history and come up with a treatment plan that is individualized and specific for the areas that most need attention."

"Sollievo is one of the best places to get massage and acupuncture in Greater Boston!"

"And the acupuncturist is one of the best around. I won't see anyone else for my acupuncture."

"Excellent technicians -- both massage and acupuncture. Convenient hours -- even Sundays. Easy to make an appointment online."

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The Sollievo Experience

Did you know the body has a natural ability to heal itself? Massage therapy and acupuncture assist our already powerful immune systems by unwinding tight muscles, unblocking energy channels and creating the time and space your body needs to heal. The Sollievo experience is centered on a partnership between you and your therapist to create the right opportunities for positive change to occur in your body.
By jointly investing in your personal health, we can help you manage chronic pain, recover from injuries, relieve tension and achieve relaxation. Click here for a full list of our massage services. Experience Sollievo today!


For the 5th consecutive year, Sollievo has received the 
"Excellence in Customer Satisfaction" award from Talk of the Town!

New Staff Member!

Daniel is the newest addition to Sollievo's team of gifted therapists. With a strong foundation in Swedish Massage, he also incorporates Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue techniques into his work. 

Through December 31, 2014, we are offering a 15% discount * off your first treatment with Daniel, in the hope that you will take the time to meet him and experience his work.  

* valid on first treatment only. Cannot be combined with other discounts, packages or promotions-except Passport Program. 

Introducing Sollievo's Passport Program! 

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Passport Program! The program was created as an incentive to encourage you to experience the unique work of each of our skilled therapists, while gaining the advantages of incorporating diverse bodywork into your wellness program.

Program Outline-
  • Receive a 60-minute (or longer) treatment with 10 of our massage therapists.
  • After each treatment, receive a stamp in your Passport book.
  • Once you have collected 10 stamps, you will receive a complimentary 60-minute treatment with the therapist of your choice!
What are the benefits?  
Combining our skills allows us to give you a fuller, more integrated and synchonized treatment program; helping you to learn and understand which combinations of work give your body the greatest results, and determine the therapies your body may need at different times.

Passport Program starts September 15th! Stop by the front desk and get your Passport book today! 

Sollievo Massage and Bodywork named
 Best Massage by Boston A-List voters!!

Thank you to all of our friends - because of YOU we were voted #1 Massage Practice on Boston A-list. We are very excited and wanted to share the news with you!

Sollievo's Refer-a-Friend Program

If you know of someone who could benefit from our work, please share our contact information with them - word of mouth is truly THE BEST endorsement!  Ask us about our refer-a-friend program - our way of saying "thank you."

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Sollievo - Massage and Bodywork

2285 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA 02140

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